The Summit 5 – Dota 2 betting

Match OG vs Fnatic

Got juicy 1.397 and now I feel like I robbed EGB.

FREE TIP from dota 2 betting master (me) – guys, if you see anywhere >1.3 odds on OG – grab it ASAP, literally free money – Miracle will win even 1v9

summit 5 bet on og against fnatic

+476$ cash and like 56$ cashback inc (Must read article – How to get the biggest cashback on EGB?

bet on og dota 2 summit 5

UPD: OG won 2-1

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  1. Thanks a lot man, made the biggest bet I ever made on Dota2 just because of you – my TB arcana on OG. Was so scared after 1-1 ?

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