[A]lliance is back?

alliance dota 2Synderen on TI6 as player? I aren’t think that alliance is blackGuess 1.339 is good enough on Alliance against Escape in bo5. Estimated profit is 847$ + 114$ EGB cashback. (How to get the biggest cashback on EGB?)

UPD. Alliance won 3-1. But Escape played surprisingly well, I doubt 1.339 was worth to bet. Also Escape will visit TI6 as wild card players, so yes – Synderen will play on TI6. Probably will make some prop bets on these guys.

Also made some skins in the meantime on X-god fangays: esports skins betting

Going nuts with Dota 2 betting

Got few easy bets today – Gambit will win 12 round (+12 handicap on EGB) against EnvyUs and TyLoo against Immortals (ex Tempo Storm).

But who careas about CSGO lmao, when.. Really, time to change blog name to My Dota2 Betting Journey or smth.. This huge Dota2 EGB bet limits drives me crazy, I just can’t skip it (Their CS:GO maxbet limit usually is 200$-500$ per match overall).

And now check this Dota2 one – went big on Newbee against Liquid. Easiest all-in of my life? #NewbeeTakeMyEnergy

Manila Major Dota2 Newbee Bet

Few last bets +792$ and + 752$ csgo skins value

My few last bets on EGB.
Losing on Dota2, winning on CSGO, nothing changes. Damn love that feeling about 30th csgo round, when your team is leading 15-14 and finally brings you money #OpticGaming #Whysoez #FeelsGoodMan

bet on esports online

Won some value on Fanobet as well. Ez 744$ +8$ cashback just for one bet Keepo Ez skins ez life

Betting smart on Esports. How to calculate margin of your bookie?

What can be easier? The main formula for two outcomes (when there is no draw option) is (100/1odds+100/2odds)-100 or you can find odds on 50/50 match and count this way – (100/odds*2)-100. Lets calculate margins of bookies where i am playing now – Fanobet and EGB!

Fanobet odds on 50/50 match – 1.83 => (100/1.83*2)-100 = 9.28%. Also you can get 1% cashback on every bet, so basically fee is 9.28%-1%=8.28% 8.69% if you include 0.01 cashback value into 50/50 match odds (100/1.84*2)-100

EGB odds on 50/50 match – 1.86 => (100/1.86*2)-100 = 7.52%. If you are using EGB rewards system smart (How to get biggest cashback on EGB) – you will get 4.72% cashback, so basically egb fee is (100/1.9072*2)-100 = 4.86%

But betting is not about bookie margins, its all about catching sweet odds. I mean, if you think that betting on Team1 over 2.5 odds have value, what bookie will you choose?

Bookie One. Team1 2.66 odds against Team2 1.5 odds
Bookie Two. Team1 2.90 odds against Team2 1.25 odds

Betting smart on esports CSGO and Dota2

Bookie Two has literally scam cut but you for sure will choose it to make your bet.

Or you will maxbet Team1 on both bookies like I do