How to deposit from Paypal to EGB?

Paypal and esports betting?

Because of the Paypal Terms and Conditions regarding gambling sites – most of the bookies don’t have the option to make a deposit from Paypal. Fanobet does not support paypal, you can’t deposit via paypal to Ebettle too.

However there is a way you can make a deposit to EGB. Its called EGB Gift cards.

Step one.

Buy EGB gift card on G2A with Paypal.
You can choose one of the five gifts values: 3$ – 5$ – 10$ – 20$ or 50$.

Don’t forget to disable g2a shield to not overpay. Every gift card is provided by Egamingbets merchant, so its completely safe to buy without g2a shield.

buy egb gift cards esports betting

EGB gift card price usually depends on currency exchange rate. If you get lucky you can buy 10$ EGB gift card for less than 10$. However, when you check out you will see that paypal will add 0.1-0.9$ fee. Well its the price you gonna pay for depositing through Paypal on gambling site.

When you finish your checkout, you will receive gift code with numbers and letters.

Step two.

Go to your EGB account. Click on that Make a deposit button on top right and choose the last option with gift card image.
how to deposit to egb with paypal

Enter the code you got on G2A and click on pay. You will get msg like this:
Bet on esports with paypal
And thats it! Check out your new updated balance now

Don’t have Paypal but have BTC? Lucky you! Deposit from bitcoin to EGB is more profitable. I mean.. You can make profit before even placing your very first bet!