How to get the biggest cashback on EGB?

Each time you place a bet on EGB you will get 10 egamingbets points for every $ you bet. To get maximum value you should always have 2 active 200$ bonuses, and spend the remaining points on 20$ real money packages in egamingbets shop.

Lets see the numbers. To clean two 200$ bonuses you need to get 100,000 points, so basically you will get 400$ after 10,000$ rollover or 4$ cashback for every 100$ bet you make.

In additional, after clearing 2×200$ bonuses you will get 100,000 points, 46150 you will spend on new 2×200$ bonuses (2×23075=46150), 53850 points that will remain you spend on 20$ Real money packages (14850 each) – for this amount of points you will get 3.63 packages (53850 / 14850 = 3.63) which means 72.6$ (3.63×20$=72.6$)

In the end you will get 472.6$ for every 10,000$ you bet or 4.72% real money cashback. So if you have 2 active 200$ bonuses – do not afraid to get 1.96 odds on 50/50 match since its a good value bet.

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