[A]lliance is back?

alliance dota 2Synderen on TI6 as player? I aren’t think that alliance is blackGuess 1.339 is good enough on Alliance against Escape in bo5. Estimated profit is 847$ + 114$ EGB cashback. (How to get the biggest cashback on EGB?)

UPD. Alliance won 3-1. But Escape played surprisingly well, I doubt 1.339 was worth to bet. Also Escape will visit TI6 as wild card players, so yes – Synderen will play on TI6. Probably will make some prop bets on these guys.

Also made some skins in the meantime on X-god fangays: esports skins betting

Fun fact. My biggest lost bet.

That huge Newbee bet wasn’t the biggest loss on one match i ever had. However my biggest loss was still on Newbee on Epicenter Dota2 cup Finals. And yeah, they were leading 2-0 in bo5 series and lost 2-3 in the end. Biggest bet that i lost on dota 2