Dotapit LAN Finals & CS:GO Major

Here it is, BETLORD dota bo1 game prediction in DELAY PIT with broken PC’s

Few hours until CS:GO Major :S


Woaah, they managed to throw it.. RIP me, time to delete this post

Update 2

Hell yeah, brought it back with cherry on top! #Feelsgoodman

faceless dota pit bo1

Update 3

Another one! And another one! (c)

dotapit dota 2 preditctions

Update 4

Going with EG in Dotapit finals!

dota 2 betlord predictions dotapit bet god

Update 5

I hope I won’t regret this bet..

eleague major csgo navi mouz

Update 6. Summary

Awesome profit for today, Faceless – one love, but yeah, FINALLY Dotapit is OVER, damn bo5 final was played for 8 hours lul dotapit champions eg season 2

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