Nitrogensports – Bet Bitcoin on E-sports

* One of the few places where you can bet on E-Sports with BTC
* Support combo/parlay bets
* Instant Deposits
* Can place bets on Real Sport matches
* BTC Poker & BTC Casino included
* Additional security for your funds – You can add Two-Factor Authentication
* Monthly Parlay Jackpot

Every month TOP 7 players in each category (Heavyweight, Middleweight and Featherweight) will get rewarded!

bet bitcoin on dota 2

Nitrogensports Parlay Jackpot Share Structure:

Heavyweight – 60% of awarded jackpot
Middleweight – 30% of awarded jackpot
Featherweight – 10% of awarded jackpot

Nitrogensports Parlay Jackpot prize pools

Heavyweight – Unlimited maximum wager – Winners take 60% of jackpot
Middleweight – Maximum wager 0.1 BTC – Winners take 30% of jackpot
Featherweight – Maximum wager 0.01 BTC – Winners take 10% jackpot

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