How to win money on Starcraft 2 and don’t end up in Kespa jail

Woke up early today and found out that the only thing you can bet on EGB is Starcraft 2 and these matches should start soon.

I rarely bet on sc2 and doing it just for fun, but today I wanted to go big – so I asked my used-to-be-starcraft-pro friend about Starcraft2 ProLeague predictions, he told smth like sc2 is pretty much random in bo1, something about maps blablabla.. In the end I just asked like who do you think is going to win – this player or this player? bet on starcraft2 real money

He predicted me four matches I made bets on three of them and decided to gamble a bit more after and placed bet on Super. Had a great time watching how Zest is burning my money, but comeback gods were on my side so ended up +440$ overall.

Also got like 70$ cashback just for these 4 bets as cherry on the top. If you still didn’t read my guide – here it is – How to get the biggest cashback on EGB?

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