Free money on or how I got free 174$ CSGO skins value


On first sight its just another CSGO skins gambling site with scamming roulette that has 14 numbers and Zero (where your expected value is -6.6% per spin (compared to -2.7% in real casino roulette)), which means that in long run you will lose 6.6$ for every 100$ you rollover.

But I come to this csgo skins gambling site just to play some blackjack (huge fun of this game IRL). At first I checked is there any possibilities to get free coins and found out that you can get 30 free coins in each 6 hours. But hey, its like 0.03$ so who cares. Than I checked their aff system and found that you will get free 1000 coins (1 dolla!) just for entering any guy ref code. Googled some code and here I am – highroller with 1030 coins on balance lul.

And now seriously. The next thing I did – I visited their withdraw page and checked out their items coin value. If you look at my screenshot you will see that you can withdraw M9 Bayo Doppler fn for 405465 or 405$. I was surprised since I was depositing this CSGO skin on fanobet and fanobet price for it is 308$.

So i deposited it into csgoatse and got like 378 940 coins (lul wtf). Suddenly if you depositing m9 bayo you are getting 378 940, and if you want to withdraw it – you need to pay 405 465. Easiest 26 value of csgoatse owner life, right? But it doesn’t matter, since i got free 62 value as well.

I played some black jack, like 20-30 hands, won 22$ and decided to cashout. I was afraid that i need to rollover whole 378$ deposit to be able to withdraw, but there was no problem at withdrawing at all.

I just picked items that i want (every item that is undervalued on csgoatse and overvalued on fanobet) and deposited it to fanobet – got +482$ on fanobet in the end

In few words – deposited 308$ item, got 378$ for it, won several hands on BJ, got 400$ -> cashouted best items, deposited it into fanobet – got 482$.
Thats what i call free money.csgo gambling scam

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Or google another code if you don’t want me to ride this bugatti

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