First match of the day and already +10,000$ value in csgo skins. Day 2 of ESL ONE Cologne 2016

Clean & Easy 10k csgo skins winIts like 9k$ + won 650$ on fanobet Live Bets on this match. Yeah, its my biggest win in skins. Hope I won’t lose everything till the end of the day lul

UPD1. Lost 1900$ CS:GO skins value on lounge, 400$ on fano live bets and 500$ Real money on EGB betting Optic Gaming against F3

UPD2. LMAO first round of the map and I already regret my EnvyUS bet #BOT_Devil
GG Mouse won 16-12, -2500$ csgo skins value. TIME TO ALL IN FAZE? (no)

UPD3. Alright, last bet – 588$ Real money (EGB Maxbet) on Fnatic win against G2

Fnatic won 16-13, dat last round ECO tho +500$ Real money and also +1151$ CSGO skins value on Live Bets Got 1.88 odds on Fnatic when they were winning 12-11 and G2 had an eco next round

OVERALL PROFIT for today is +6,542$

Meh, if only envy could win their match..

BOT devil cleaned me damn envyus

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