ESL Cologne day 3 – bo3 time

esl cologne day 3 skins betting esportsGoddamit, I took the bait and put 700$ value on fixed 1.57 diggies overall and now watching on GOD zonic against dogshitnas on cobble #RipSkins

Was about to put some more skins on CSGL, but odds shifted so much in last mins that I thought I will get 1.5 in the end and its kinda not worth

Hahaha seems like konfig saved ma skins

UPD. Nvm Zonic, The beast.. Astralis won 2-1, 16-14 on final map GG -700$ value

Guess I will skip NiP – F3 prematch, odds are not worth betting.. Probably will make some live bets tho, live odds are pretty much skewed if some team won first 3 rounds in a row #PrayForF3Pistols

UPD2. Haha completely forgot that I made +1.5 F3 bet yesterday on fano. +342$ csgo skins value. Didn’t make any live bets on this match yet, looking forward map 3

UPD3. Alright, lets do it Flipsid3, made a Live bet after NiP won first gun round (1-3) bet csgo skins live

Nice laaa, F3 won map3 16-11, free live bet money inc #Get_Rekt

UPD4. Time to waste my profit on s1mple – bet max prematch, so if I understand fano system right – I won’t be able to put anymore skins on live bets, but hey 1.75 odds are more than enough for me
team liquid cs go skins bet

Yeah, liquid won 2-0, +787$ csgo skins value

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