EGB added Christmas gifts. Ho-ho-ho!

When you wager 50$ you will get one EGB gift, but you can’t open it by yourself – you need to swap it with someone in chat first. Or just send it to your friend

egb christmas gifts

You can get up to 3 gifts for one match

If you open gift – you can find things like:

– 10-1000 points;
– 1$ or 2$ real money;
– 10$ or 20$ egb bonus*;
– some csgo skins with 1$-15$ value.

*Bonus that you get in the gift will be added to your two active bonuses, so you can have 3 active bonus at the time during this promo.

egamingbets gifts

2 Replies to “EGB added Christmas gifts. Ho-ho-ho!”

  1. Haha got inscribed blade of tears that worth 14$. You can choose what skin you want to get – dota2 or csgo. Really cool promo by egb, but chat is full of beggars nowadays cause of this

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