Dota 2 Boston Major Day 2 Predictions

The Boston Major Dota 2 Predictions

Time to place some dota 2 big bets on second day of group stage!

Evil Geniuses vs Complexity – Complexity won’t win 1 map (complexity -1)
OG vs iG Vitality – iG Vitality won’t win 1 map (iG Vitality -1)

boston major predictions bets dota 2 betlord

Bets are more risky than yesterday, there is high chance that one of these teams will throw / not play serious at least one game. Also, keep in mind that even if you lose every match in group stage of Dota 2 Boston Major, you still can win tournament.

However iG Vitality has two (!) supports standins cause of visa issues – I am sure that 1.923 on iG -1 bet has HUGE value

UPD1. Haha, Huge Value 4Head. OG won 25-3 first map, threw pretty hard second one. EG had brilliant first game, they had 10k gold advantage on 12min on second map and still lost. Well, I guess it was a bad idea to bet -1 on group stage. Time to bet underdogs now?

UPD2. Guess who is favorites fangay?

dota 2 boston major prediction


Dota 2 betlord is back Keepo
Dota 2 Boston Major Bets Predictions betlord

EG vs Col rematch is coming.. should I take CoL -1 again? Guess no

UPD4. Skipped. Probably will bet some small live bets on Ad Finem.

UPD5. Do you want to hear some good dota 2 betting advice? Skip is ALWAYS an option.. Greek gods let me down

real dota 2 betting advice

ad finem boston major bets

SsaSpartan whyy?

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