Betting real money on E-sports. Deposit. What is the best e-wallet?

E-wallet, also known as an electronic wallet is online system that allows users to make electronic transactions in a quick and secure manner. E-wallets are particularly convenient if you regularly make online transactions (like deposits and cash outs from bookies).

If you want to bet on E-sports – there are three most popular e-wallets for this thing – Webmoney, Neteller, Skrill.

Webmoney has fees on every transaction you make and it’s pretty hard to deposit in and cash out from this system.

Skrill and Neteller don’t have any deposit fees, they both are good and pretty similar (They both have one owner – Paysafe Group).

But we will choose Neteller. Why? It has cashback! Yeah, while Webmoney takes around 8$ for every 1000$ you deposit to bookie, Neteller will give you some bucks back!

About Neteller cashback system

e-sports betting neteller e-wallet

You will get 1 point for every dollar of deposit OR cash out you do. Basically, you get points for every transaction you make.

For example – if you deposit 100$ to EGB, win some money and withdraw 900$ – you will get 1000 points in total that you can spend in Neteller Rewards Shop.

Money in / Money out

You can make a deposit to your Neteller Account with your MasterCard, Visa or Maestro cards, straight from your bank account, Paysafe card or Bitcoin.

You can cash out your money from Neteller to your bank account or with your Neteller MasterCard that is linked to your account in any ATM worldwide.

neteller prepaid card mastercard betcsgoskins org

You can order Neteller MasterCard for 13$. Or get it for free. How?

Special offer from

My blog got partnered with eWallet-Optimizer.

If you use your points in Neteller rewards shop you will get around 0.18% cashback (unless you have Platinum (0.44%) or Diamond (0.74%) VIP status) for every transaction you make.

If you make Neteller account through eWallet-Optimizer – you will get 0.18% rewards points cashback + additional 0.3% cashback every month right into your wallet from E-wallet Optimizer.

Also you will get:

* Silver VIP status (usually you need to transfer 50,000$ per year to achieve it);
* Free Net+ MasterCard linked to your Neteller account with high limits;
* Free 2nd currency account if needed.

Visit eWallet-Optimizer website

But still, the biggest value you can get in Neteller are their juicy promos, like one they did in December 2016 – 10% cashback for every transaction. You could make 1000$ deposit to EGB and get 100$ literally for free.

bet on esports with neteller e-wallet

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