ELEAGUE CS:GO Major. Day 4 Live Updates

eleague major day 4

Will start with bet on G2 against North!

eleague major north g2


Mistakes were made ex dee. Will skip next match, odds not good. May be will put some bucks on live bets on Envy

Update 2

Nvm, I see fnatic 2.28 against envy on cobble – I can’t skip

fnatic eleague major cobble envyus

Update 3

Looks good, huh?

fnatic envyus cobblestone eleague major csgo

Will skip mouse – liquid, absolutely random game

Update 4

Lul mouse, lul spidi.. such a shame to get out from major in this way.. this map randomizer tho..

I went godsent without even knowing the map, 2.889 odds definitely worth a try. Pls piggy don’t let me down :3
godsent optic eleague major

Update 5


Going with SK on Dust 2. Its not about SK_should_win, its all about odds guys #UnderdogDream

underdog dream eleague csgo major

Update 6

14-8 – > 15-15 – > 19-17, good job SK, but rip me watching this..

Made a blind bet on Faze some time ago just cus 1.789

faze eleague major gambit

GG 14-16, AdreN cleaned me

Update 7

Finally Faze, at least you brought something back. Astralis – as expected – clean & easy #FreePoints
eleague csgo betting online skins major

EGB promotion – 100$ reload bonus!

Bonus hunting is over and EGB announced a new promo!

During DotaPit Season 5 tournament you can use reload code “DOTAPIT” at the time of making deposit to get 100% bonus up to 100$, which means if you deposit 100$ – you get 100$ bonus, you deposit 20$ – you get 20$ bonus, etc.

egb promotional code

The only con is that you can’t use it as your third bonus, so if you already have 2 active bonuses – you have to finish it before using this promo.

Dotapit LAN Finals & CS:GO Major

Here it is, BETLORD dota bo1 game prediction in DELAY PIT with broken PC’s

Few hours until CS:GO Major :S


Woaah, they managed to throw it.. RIP me, time to delete this post

Update 2

Hell yeah, brought it back with cherry on top! #Feelsgoodman

faceless dota pit bo1

Update 3

Another one! And another one! (c)

dotapit dota 2 preditctions

Update 4

Going with EG in Dotapit finals!

dota 2 betlord predictions dotapit bet god

Update 5

I hope I won’t regret this bet..

eleague major csgo navi mouz

Update 6. Summary

Awesome profit for today, Faceless – one love, but yeah, FINALLY Dotapit is OVER, damn bo5 final was played for 8 hours lul dotapit champions eg season 2

CS:GO Major, Day 2. Live updates

csgo major atlanta 2017

Managed to catch 2.501 for HR on EGB. Risky bet, but hey… just playing the odds.eleague major day 2 groups mousesports


Rip 500$? Damn cache, damn chrisJ with his 1 HP. Comeback was real

Will bet on NaVi next game if would get 1.4 odds+

Update 2

Didn’t get 1.4 odds on Navi, I hope some of you did. Placed my 5$ free bet on Drakelounge on SK, easy 2.85$ in skins 4Head. Their site is lagging so hard during Major lol. Anyway they are online just for.. 2 days? Week? I hope they will fix it soon, miss skins betting so much

If someone interested why I don’t like to bet skins on vpgame – thats what you get when you bet few knives, and you can’t do anything about it:

vpgame cs go skins betting

Will skip Liquid and F3 match too, F3 odds went so low after map revealed, not worth to risk anymore.

Next matches are pretty interesting tho, will do some math & research and post my bets a bit later.

Also trying to get partnership with some e-wallet cashback company. Soon I will explain to you how to get at least 0.5% cashback for every deposit you make to any e-sports bookie, so you can win some money even before you place your very first bet.

Update 3

I guess I will test my luck with North at 1.6 today

eleague major north csgo

Update 4

I think I wasted all my luck yesterday :S Will skip Astralis vs OpTic and go for Gambit against Godsent

gambit eleague major csgo

Update 5

VP and Gambit are saving my day!

eleague csgo major vp nuke

Betting on E-Sports. Skins or Real Money? Pros and Cons

I will try to explain differences between e-sports real money betting and skins betting and help you figure out what is better for you.

betting skins or real money e-sports- dota 2 csgo

Tl;dr in the end of the post.

Lets weight pros and cons of e-sports real money betting.


You will get FIXED odds.

It means that if you place a bet on 2.50 odds – your bet will be payed out at 2.50 odds, doesn’t matter how much bugattis were placed by other people after your bet.

You will get bonuses / loyalty programs / free bets

The more you bet, the more you get?
It depends. Some bookies have same rewards for every player, some offer bigger rewards for bigger players.

For example on fanobet you will get 1% cashback no matter how much you bet, but on EGB – the more you bet, the better bonuses you will get. Since EGB system not really friendly for newbies and has some calculations – You can read my guide where I am explaining how to get the biggest cashback on EGB using their loyalty program.

brutal savage rekt esports betting dota 2 csgo

You can place express / parlay / combination bets

High risk and even higher reward. On E-sports betting sites you can start your road to bugatti just from 0.01$!


Worse odds?

Most likely you will get worse odds since real money betting sites have bigger cut compared to skins betting ones.

But.. Do you remember that CSGL increased their cut significantly like few months before ceasing skins betting? It was raised to e-sports betting sites similar percentage.

However, comparing to lounge – EVERY E-sports bookie will offer you rewards for your betting activity.

Also sometimes you can catch really GREAT opening odds, that you could never get on any skins betting sites. And its fixed!

e sports real money betting worse odds skins betting

18+ Verification

If you don’t want any problems, ALWAYS put your real info when you are registering on e-sports real money betting sites

Sometimes bookies will ask you to pass their verification procedure. Usually they request these docs:

* Your ID card / Driver license / Passport
* Proof of address. It varies by country, but usually its gas / water / electric / phone bills or bank / credit card statement.
* Screenshot of your deposit method. It can be screen of your skrill / neteller/ bank account, depends how you made a deposit.

Its completely legal and all licensed bookmakers have rights to do it. Do not afraid to pass verification, its safe and easy!

In special case scenarios (if bookie suspects you into bonus abusing or having multiple accounts) you can be asked for different things like selfie with your ID, or to take a pic of your ID near paper with bookie name on it.

Verification process is just casual one time thing and you will never experience any troubles with it unless you registered with wrong info, have multiple accounts or you are not 18.

e sports betting verification fanobet

Cash outs are not instant

You will never get your money right after clicking on that lovely WITHDRAW FUNDS button. Usually it takes up to 24h but in some cases can take up to 72h, depends on bookie and your withdraw option.

Also some bookies use dirty trick when you can cancel your cash out during some time after you requested it. Stay strong and never cancel it!

Cash out fees?

Deposits are always free Keepo.

Don’t be afraid, cash outs are also free (at least one cash out per month).

Some of you who worked with e-wallets know, that for every transaction merchant must pay like 2%-7% in fees. So if you deposit 100$, bookie will get 95$. If you cash out 1000$ – bookie will pay 1050$ to your e-wallet. But, yeah it’s not your problem. Anyway, most of the bookies offer one free cash out per calendar month, but another one on top of it can occur a 2%-4% fee.

Also fee can happen if you deposit money and request a withdraw right after that without making any bets.


Real money betting sites have bigger fees but have cashback / bonuses and its making it equal to skins betting sites fees. You will always get fixed odds on your bets. Can make express or combo bets. You can be asked for documents to prove that you are not minor. Cash out can occur fees, but at least one cash out per month should be free.