Team Secret beat Execration 3-0

Free money on Execration -2 (Team Execration won’t win 2 maps)

Bets on esports dota 2

It’s been a while since last blog update and you can blame Valve for that. I was really disappointed with their skin betting policy #RipLounge and since this blog is all about it – I decided to stop posting for some time. Yeah, you still can bet your skins on some sites that are still operating, but its not good for me since i am betting big and my bets just crushing odds for like 0.1-0.2 and making it no worth to bet skins anymore

So I decided to sell my inventories (it was huge pain in the ass) and stick with Real money betting (EGB & Fanobet) because of fixed odds.

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There is no secret that real money betting is harsh and your ROI will be significantly lower comparing to skins betting (mostly because of way bigger margins), however it seems that it is the only way for me now and I will try my best to not get cleaned before Christmas.

My last bets:

esports real money betting

Nice throw Faze faggets btw

PS. Speaking about my biggest bet ever in last post during TI6. I made it:

The biggest bet on esports

Looks heartbreaking, however I ended up +8k$ in the end of International

4 thoughts on “Team Secret beat Execration 3-0

  1. Wow man nice to see you back, keep it up!

    I hope to see CSGL back soon – they implemented coins betting recently. May be skins betting is not dead?

  2. Will see. But they did it like month ago and still nothing changes. The lack of communication between csgl admins and players is really frustrating. To be honest i don’t expect much from them, but hope is real

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