Betting smart on Esports. How to calculate margin of your bookie?

What can be easier? The main formula for two outcomes (when there is no draw option) is (100/1odds+100/2odds)-100 or you can find odds on 50/50 match and count this way – (100/odds*2)-100. Lets calculate margins of bookies where i am playing now – Fanobet and EGB!

Fanobet odds on 50/50 match – 1.83 => (100/1.83*2)-100 = 9.28%. Also you can get 1% cashback on every bet, so basically fee is 9.28%-1%=8.28% 8.69% if you include 0.01 cashback value into 50/50 match odds (100/1.84*2)-100

EGB odds on 50/50 match – 1.86 => (100/1.86*2)-100 = 7.52%. If you are using EGB rewards system smart (How to get biggest cashback on EGB) – you will get 4.72% cashback, so basically egb fee is (100/1.9072*2)-100 = 4.86%

But betting is not about bookie margins, its all about catching sweet odds. I mean, if you think that betting on Team1 over 2.5 odds have value, what bookie will you choose?

Bookie One. Team1 2.66 odds against Team2 1.5 odds
Bookie Two. Team1 2.90 odds against Team2 1.25 odds

Betting smart on esports CSGO and Dota2

Bookie Two has literally scam cut but you for sure will choose it to make your bet.

Or you will maxbet Team1 on both bookies like I do ๐Ÿ™‚

Trying out new esports real money betting site. Overwatch – new gold mine?

Esports real money betting site

Will be announced soon, if i won’t have any problems like 20 tons of docs requested for verification or limits on my bets after few successful days.

What I saw now here – odds are quite good cus they are mostly focused on real sports betting & casino, probably don’t have good esports analysts-odds-makers atm.

Also they offering betting lines for Overwatch, Call of Duty, League of Legends and Hearthstone. And if I can’t predict RNGstone, I am sure I will be able to make good profit on Overwatch, since game is new, so there is no huge favorites and odds will be broken like hell. Didn’t bet on it yet, but already saw how 4.0 odds underdogs were crushing opponents like there is no tomorrow.

Stay tuned guys. bet-on-overwatch-online

UPD. You can bet on Overwatch on EGB now!