Dota 2 Big Bets. Boston Major – Day 4

The Boston Major Dota 2 Predictions

Time to win some money back from EGB.

Already made a bet on last match of the day LGD against LGD.Forever Young

dota 2 big bets boston major

Thinking now about bet on Digital Chaos win against Faceless, but odds are so low.. Its 1.255 for DC on EGB right now. If odds will hit at least 1.3 I will maxbet it for sure (On EGB you get points for your bets only if you place bets on >1.3 odds, so maxbetting on 1.299 or 1.3 on EGB actually matters a LOT)

I will update post with Ehome – Team NP and Newbee Ad Finem predictions after first match of day 4.

UPD1. Made a very risky bet on Faceless -1 (Faceless won’t win 1 map). I hope they don’t have pocket strats! dota 2 biggest bets

UPD2. Well, Team Faceless looked so clueless in what they doing in this game, so my faceless -1 bet on 1.989 was really good in the end.

Alright – next boston major match.

Team NP against Ehome.
Not sure what should I take – Team NP win for 2.1 odds or more safer one – Team NP will win at least one map for 1.37. I will wait a bit more to see how odds gonna change, will update post with my bet/skip right before game starts. If you see on some bookie Team NP win for >2.25 or Team NP will win one map for >1.4 – take it.

Last minute bet NP+1 or Team NP will win at least one map:

dota 2 big bets boston major

UPD3. Got it. Team NP – Ehome 1-1 at the moment. Probably will make some live bets on Team NP map3, will see. Finally not 2-0 game.

Was thinking about betting AF +1 at 1.9 odds but decided to skip.

UPD4. Haha, RIP LGD. Won two risky bets and lost the most safest one. Yeah, LGD lost to their second team LGD.FY with 2 standins 0-2.

xia8 lgd major boston dota 2

Damn you xia8..

Dota 2 Boston Major Day 2 Predictions

The Boston Major Dota 2 Predictions

Time to place some dota 2 big bets on second day of group stage!

Evil Geniuses vs Complexity – Complexity won’t win 1 map (complexity -1)
OG vs iG Vitality – iG Vitality won’t win 1 map (iG Vitality -1)

boston major predictions bets dota 2 betlord

Bets are more risky than yesterday, there is high chance that one of these teams will throw / not play serious at least one game. Also, keep in mind that even if you lose every match in group stage of Dota 2 Boston Major, you still can win tournament.

However iG Vitality has two (!) supports standins cause of visa issues – I am sure that 1.923 on iG -1 bet has HUGE value

UPD1. Haha, Huge Value 4Head. OG won 25-3 first map, threw pretty hard second one. EG had brilliant first game, they had 10k gold advantage on 12min on second map and still lost. Well, I guess it was a bad idea to bet -1 on group stage. Time to bet underdogs now?

UPD2. Guess who is favorites fangay?

dota 2 boston major prediction


Dota 2 betlord is back Keepo
Dota 2 Boston Major Bets Predictions betlord

EG vs Col rematch is coming.. should I take CoL -1 again? Guess no

UPD4. Skipped. Probably will bet some small live bets on Ad Finem.

UPD5. Do you want to hear some good dota 2 betting advice? Skip is ALWAYS an option.. Greek gods let me down

real dota 2 betting advice

ad finem boston major bets

SsaSpartan whyy?

Just me trying to comback

Dota 2 comeback esportsbetting

My red wall started with NRG CS:GO and Sumail Dota 2 throws, but thank god Aussie Gods didn’t let me down today.dreamhack csgo renegades kinguin

Anyway its like preparation to Boston Dota 2 Major. The biggest bets I will make there. Group Stage gonna start on 3 of December and there won’t be a double elimination system anymore, which means no random bo2 games with draw option on EGB => more profit I guess.

Also dota 2 live bets on International didn’t go good, so I probably will bet only pre match this time. I would do some predictions as well and post some of my white bets.

Stay tuned & let’s clean EGB together!