EE-sama and RTZ made me happy again

They threw 6 games in a row yesterday so I can get 5.098 odds on them today against Liquid.
Anyway, Team Secret looked really strong in these 2 games, but liquid.. I hope Kuro won’t kick matumbaman before playoff starts xD ee sama and rtz team secret the international 6 Guess now I am crowned dota 2 bets guru since i hit 5 odds on dota 2 match! Anyway these odds on bo2 dota 2 games are nuts. But group stage is over – The International 2016 Dota 2 Championship continues on 8 August, hope my good run won’t stop.

Also I am sure that EGB will offer like 10k$+ maxbet limits on TI6 finals so I probably will place the biggest dota 2 bet ever very soon.

The International 2016 Dota 2 Bets

dota 2 the international betting blogCleaning 2×200$ bonuses just in one day LUL. Group stage is almost over, tired as fk but have a really good run. Dat juicy 6.3 odds on Digital Chaos, ty secret funnies! Really wtf team secret lost 6 games and won 0 in day 2?

Here is some of my dota money bets: the international 2016 dota 2 betsStill thinking who is dota 2 bets king?

Making almost every bet on EGB, rip d2l & csgl bots, rip skins betting? ๐Ÿ™

Betting Dota2 skins on CS:GO games

Was hunting 1.5+ odds on fnatic – got 1.51 on skins betting site and 1.48 on EGB (like 1.52 with their cashback). Got 1.5 on CSGL too, but placed only unwithdrawable trash skins there

eleague semifinals navi fnatic cs go betting

Next match will be only in 3 hours – Mouse against Virtus Pro. Guess I will take either mouse 2.5+ or Virtus Pro 1.65+ odds.

Also today is 29th July – 10 days passed since wild valve letter about skins gambling sites including CSGL and D2L appearedskins gambling statement valve

We still have no announcement from CSGL (what a surprise). Got some items stuck on bots, but I am almost sure thats it has nothing to do with valve. Also noticed that they don’t offer dedicated bots anymore.

Didn’t saw any announcement from VPgame too (skins betting site that is on screen), but they weren’t included in valve letter (don’t know why – they are way bigger than csgl and d2l combined + offer bets on real sports). The only thing changed is that they deleted Jackpot section. No problems with withdrawing/depositing skins at all.

Guess skins betting sites are gonna be ok, in worse case they will add 18+ proofs requirements like fanobet did few weeks ago.

And about skins gambling sites – RIP CSGOatse. Now I forced to play live blackjack on Ebettle with real money again.