First match of the day and already +10,000$ value in csgo skins. Day 2 of ESL ONE Cologne 2016

Got some info from cs go betting experts and made this big cs go bet: 10k csgo skins win Wish I had Max bet csgo skins on lounge! Anyway, its like 9k$ + won 650$ on fanobet Live Bets on this match. Yeah, its my biggest win in skins. Hope I won’t lose everything till the end of the day lul

UPD1. Lost 1900$ CS:GO skins value on lounge, 400$ on fano live bets and 500$ Real money on EGB betting Optic Gaming against F3 ๐Ÿ™

UPD2. LMAO first round of the map and I already regret my EnvyUS bet #BOT_Devil
GG Mouse won 16-12, -2500$ csgo skins value. TIME TO ALL IN FAZE? (no)

UPD3. Alright, last bet – 588$ Real money (EGB Maxbet) on Fnatic win against G2

Fnatic won 16-13, dat last round ECO tho ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ +500$ Real money and also +1151$ CSGO skins value on Live Bets Got 1.88 odds on Fnatic when they were winning 12-11 and G2 had an eco next round

OVERALL PROFIT for today is +6,542$

Meh, if only envy could win their match..

BOT devil cleaned me damn envyus

Best csgo skin betting tip? The best way to get weapon skins in cs go? Bet against chokestralis anytime anyday any tourney. They are overrated like fnatic nowadays.

Made just few bets today. Easy TSM

Literally free money against Astralis during live (every TSM bet in list was Live) Was slapping myself for not betting prematch on 5+ odds, and made prematch bet on C9 against fnatic cus of it. C9 game was actually close on second half, but hey, Olof is back csgo skins online

Also looking up to make more bets on CSGL since fano thing.

Fanobet – scam?

As you know I won big on last few days on fanobet. 2 days ago when I tried to withdraw some skins – got msg that I need to send verification docs like national ID or passport.

I did it and support told that it could take upto 72 hours to finish verification process. Of course I can’t do any withdraws during that time, deposits and bets working fine tho, so fanobet account is not locked.

Was a bit scared since I had 5.4k$ on account plus around 500$ cashbackfanobet-fraud-scam

The next thing I noticed that my maxbets are limited to 70% of used to be amount. So now I can put maximum 1050$ (not 1500$) on lan events matches, 70 $ (not 100$) on tier3 matches handicaps and 52$ (not 75$) on tier3 dota2 matches.

Yesterday I got msg that my passport was denied for no reason. Fanobet asked me to take photo of my passport and put the paper near with text “For Fanobet” on

Whatever. Wasn’t hardest thing to do.

So now I am sitting here with 6k$ locked skins and looking at “Verifying of your National ID/Passport is in progress. Please be patient.”

Do you guys had any problems with fano?

UPD. Fanobet account verifaction process is over, I made a max withdrawal for today (3000$ limit per day)fanobet scammed me fraud

Still have limits on maxbets. Well, 1050$ is fine, but I am sure thats just the start of limiting me. Will see