Betting Dota2 skins on CS:GO games

Was hunting 1.5+ odds on fnatic – got 1.51 on skins betting site and 1.48 on EGB (like 1.52 with their cashback). Got 1.5 on CSGL too, but placed only unwithdrawable trash skins there

eleague semifinals navi fnatic cs go betting

Next match will be only in 3 hours – Mouse against Virtus Pro. Guess I will take either mouse 2.5+ or Virtus Pro 1.65+ odds.

Also today is 29th July – 10 days passed since wild valve letter about skins gambling sites including CSGL and D2L appearedskins gambling statement valve

We still have no announcement from CSGL (what a surprise). Got some items stuck on bots, but I am almost sure thats it has nothing to do with valve. Also noticed that they don’t offer dedicated bots anymore.

Didn’t saw any announcement from VPgame too (skins betting site that is on screen), but they weren’t included in valve letter (don’t know why – they are way bigger than csgl and d2l combined + offer bets on real sports). The only thing changed is that they deleted Jackpot section. No problems with withdrawing/depositing skins at all.

Guess skins betting sites are gonna be ok, in worse case they will add 18+ proofs requirements like fanobet did few weeks ago.

And about skins gambling sites – RIP CSGOatse. Now I forced to play live blackjack on Ebettle with real money again.

CS:GO Betting. ESL Cologne day 4

navi beat team liquid 2-1 esl cologne csgo

Was still sleeping during VP – Astralis, don’t think that I missed too much

SK 1.09 odds on EGB and 8.31 odds on CSGL. Guess its perfect match for skipping. Literally no way that F3 will win SK on stage. Was thinking about -1.5 handicap – can be a good bet if you get 1.55+ odds on it, but the best odds I saw were 1.48 on some 3rd world bookie.

Looking up to Navi against Liquid. Guess I will take Na’Vi if their odds will get to 1.45+

Day 4 kinda sucks, can’t see any odds on bookies that I could grab instantly

UPD. HOOOOOLLY MOLLY, liquid beat navi 2-1, just destroyed them on map 3. Lucky me didn’t find 1.45+ odds on navi anywhere and after 1-1 I decided to bet map 3 Liquid – 250$ real money bet prematch on EGB, and two Live bets – 1000$ csgo skins value after liquid won first pistol round and 500$ after liquid leading 6-1 hahaha, just look at these odds #SadFlamie

liquid won navi esl cologne csgo

Olof is back guys

Guess what team is most overrated in CS:GO? LuL
CS:GO Betting guru is back and will show you how to make some profit

csgo skins fnatic

Looks great but yeah.. lost about 700$ on f3 against navi and 900$ on Optic on csgl.. Also lost 800$ on Live Bets (made four – lost all) and everything was looking so grim today. Every favorite wins, no upsets at all, what a boring start of CS:GO Major..

And then comes this last match – Fnatic against Faze. Olof is back they said, and here I am – packing around 6,000$ skins value of fnatic fans, finishing this day with sweet +3500$ profit