New Bonus on Fanobet for plebs


Fanobet added 5$ bonus for new members. All you need to do is deposit 5$ skins value and make a bet on any match.

If you win your bet – you will get your winnings and can withdraw.

If you lose your bet, fanobet will give you your bet back (up to 5$) and you still can withdraw. So basically win/win situation.

Don’t forget to enter “FREE” bonus code in bonuses before you make your first bet


Today maxbets on fano

Thats how my maxbet list looks nowadays after fanobet limited my account fanobet-limited-account

Playing Witcher 3 for few days now – this game just rocks, never had such fun playing computer games (probly cus played only dota2 and csgo mm in past years) Already missed some good bets because of it, but damn #worth for sure.

Just me cleaning CSGL +2227$ csgo skins value & +797$ real money

And 8.88$ cashback as well!

I thought it would be easy after first half on nuke, but well..this shit is so ct sided..Anyway, comeback was denied and here I am, sitting on Liquid fangays skins like a king bet cs go skins ebettin IMG clickable. Don’t count – G2 earned 2227$ csgo skins value & 797$ real money for me.

csgo skins betting