CS:GO Betting. ESL Cologne day 4

navi beat team liquid 2-1 esl cologne csgo

Was still sleeping during VP – Astralis, don’t think that I missed too much

SK 1.09 odds on EGB and 8.31 odds on CSGL. Guess its perfect match for skipping. Literally no way that F3 will win SK on stage. Was thinking about -1.5 handicap – can be a good bet if you get 1.55+ odds on it, but the best odds I saw were 1.48 on some 3rd world bookie.

Looking up to Navi against Liquid. Guess I will take Na’Vi if their odds will get to 1.45+

Day 4 kinda sucks, can’t see any odds on bookies that I could grab instantly

UPD. HOOOOOLLY MOLLY, liquid beat navi 2-1, just destroyed them on map 3. Lucky me didn’t find 1.45+ odds on navi anywhere and after 1-1 I decided to bet map 3 Liquid – 250$ real money bet prematch on EGB, and two Live bets – 1000$ csgo skins value after liquid won first pistol round and 500$ after liquid leading 6-1 hahaha, just look at these odds #SadFlamie

liquid won navi esl cologne csgo

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