Where do you farm money?

I farm on EGB!

sltv season 2 navi fnatic 2 0

Actually i fcked up a bit – Na’Vi odds before start were 1.809 and when I typed my bet – it dropped to 1.709 damn slow fat fingers! Then I checked VPgame and wanted to put skins on Na’Vi here, but odds were pretty low as well – 1.73

Anyway in the end I made bet on EGB cus I have biggest cashback (?) there – so my Na’Vi odds were like 1.749.

Na’Vi won 2-0 in 40 mins.

navi starseries dota 2 betting blog

BO5 Finals are about to start.

The question is EE-sama or DendiBoss?

EE-sama, I choose YOU!

starseries dota 2 finals team secret vs navi dota 2 betting

UPD: Na’Vi won 3-1. Not rich bitch anymore 🙁

Gonna take a break from betting for few days

Preparing Dota2 Inventory for The International 2016

Newbee Young helping me as much as they can 4Head My dc hooks never were so safe
easy money on newbee young

But who cares about Dota2 when ESL One: Cologne 2016 starts tomorrow!
What can be easier than betting 1.26 odds on VG.R against Newbee.Young? The one and the only thing – Major CS:GO Live bets on bo1

BEEP BEEP skin delivery inc