ESL Cologne day 3 – bo3 time

esl cologne day 3 skins betting esportsWoke up just to bet and win some cs go skins, but goddamit, I took the bait and put 700$ value on fixed 1.57 diggies overall and now watching on GOD zonic against dogshitnas on cobble ๐Ÿ˜€ #RipSkins

Was about to put some more skins on CSGL, but odds shifted so much in last mins that I thought I will get 1.5 in the end and its kinda not worth

Hahaha seems like konfig saved ma skins

UPD. Nvm ๐Ÿ™ Zonic, The beast.. Astralis won 2-1, 16-14 on final map GG -700$ value

Guess I will skip NiP – F3 prematch, odds are not worth betting.. Probably will make some live bets tho, live odds are pretty much skewed if some team won first 3 rounds in a row #PrayForF3Pistols

UPD2. Haha completely forgot that I made +1.5 F3 bet yesterday on fano. +342$ csgo skins value. Didn’t make any live bets on this match yet, looking forward map 3

UPD3. Alright, lets do it Flipsid3, made a Live bet after NiP won first gun round (1-3) bet csgo skins live

Nice laaa, F3 won map3 16-11, free live bet money inc #Get_Rekt

UPD4. Time to waste my profit on s1mple – bet max prematch, so if I understand fano system right – I won’t be able to put anymore skins on live bets, but hey 1.75 odds are more than enough for me
team liquid cs go skins bet

Yeah, liquid won 2-0, +787$ csgo skins value

First match of the day and already +10,000$ value in csgo skins. Day 2 of ESL ONE Cologne 2016

Got some info from cs go betting experts and made this big cs go bet: 10k csgo skins win Wish I had Max bet csgo skins on lounge! Anyway, its like 9k$ + won 650$ on fanobet Live Bets on this match. Yeah, its my biggest win in skins. Hope I won’t lose everything till the end of the day lul

UPD1. Lost 1900$ CS:GO skins value on lounge, 400$ on fano live bets and 500$ Real money on EGB betting Optic Gaming against F3 ๐Ÿ™

UPD2. LMAO first round of the map and I already regret my EnvyUS bet #BOT_Devil
GG Mouse won 16-12, -2500$ csgo skins value. TIME TO ALL IN FAZE? (no)

UPD3. Alright, last bet – 588$ Real money (EGB Maxbet) on Fnatic win against G2

Fnatic won 16-13, dat last round ECO tho ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ +500$ Real money and also +1151$ CSGO skins value on Live Bets Got 1.88 odds on Fnatic when they were winning 12-11 and G2 had an eco next round

OVERALL PROFIT for today is +6,542$

Meh, if only envy could win their match..

BOT devil cleaned me damn envyus

Best csgo skin betting tip? The best way to get weapon skins in cs go? Bet against chokestralis anytime anyday any tourney. They are overrated like fnatic nowadays.

Today maxbets on fano

Thats how my maxbet list looks nowadays after fanobet limited my account fanobet-limited-account

Playing Witcher 3 for few days now – this game just rocks, never had such fun playing computer games (probly cus played only dota2 and csgo mm in past years) Already missed some good bets because of it, but damn #worth for sure.