Story of the day

immortals ecoed by g2

Got ecoed for 1000$, thanks Immortals!

eleague cs-go major

Mehhh, that game, these odds… it was so close but.. ecoed at 14-11 score and got rekt. Unbelievable

But I am pretty sure NiP fangays are way more sad today than me 😀

2 thoughts on “Story of the day

  1. Do you bet on CSGO Hellcase Cup? Such underdog tier3 tourney, not even sure they matchfix or just THAT bad

  2. Not really, egb has 50$-200$ maxbet for most games of this tourney. Placed several bets on underdogs for fun, got a little profit. Sure thing there are big throws and mathcfix all combined so underdog betting is perfect here.

    Bookies added this tourney just because there is nothing else to add – esports betting is dying during christmas holidays

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