Dota 2. New way of playing old heroes in 7.01 meta.

After recent great winter reshuffle dota 2 teams are finally back to grind online tournaments and visit big LANs. Few weeks ago ended ESL One Genting, last weekend we knew Dota Pit League winner, now we are waiting for SL i-League S3 qualifiers, DAC 2017 and The Kiev Major.

Dota 2 professional teams love to experiment with ways to play heroes, let check some of them!

new way to play dota 2 heroes in 7.00

Weaver – 4th position support

In Dota 2 Weaver is one of illusive core-heroes that with just a few items can bring terrible damage to his opponents. Casual weaver-carry is usually rushing Dragon Lance, Linken’s Sphere and Desolator plus Daedalus/ Monkey King Bar, Butterfly. But things have changed recently – pro teams figured out how good can be weaver-support. First team that used Weaver support was, they used it with draw ranger lineup as semi core.

This experiment Virtus.Pro tried few months ago, but they still playing it in 7.01. Because why not? The biggest advantage of this hero remains same – his ult, buffed by Aghanim’s Scepter – the most cruicial item of 4th position support Weaver remained. It grants possibility to use weaver’s ultimate on allies with just a 16 seconds cooldown.

Of course other professional teams don’t sleep, so they also decided to give support Weaver a try – Invictus Gaming, OG and Digital Chaos tried it in last tournaments and it worked surprisingly well even without draw ranger in allies.

dota 2 weaver 701 meta support

4th position weaver players are using mobility of this hero from the very first minutes of the game. Swarm that provides vision and armor debuff helps them to make successful ganks and when he gets Medallion of Courage he can easy make solo kills on weak enemy supports. Weaver can become serious core with his talents – +30 Shukuchi damage on lvl 10, +25 damage or +7 all stats on lvl 15, +15 agility on lvl 20. Sooner or later 4th position weaver will get Linken’s sphere or Solar Crest that would be really helpful to his teammates.

Slardar in support/roam position.

Slardar became very popular hero in 7.0 and 7.01. He is very useful in different strategies – fast push or late game dota – doesn’t matter, his ultimate skill Corrosive Haze will help your carries to get kills extremely easy. Slardar has great gank potential even on first minutes of the match, he is great intiator and perfectly fits into 7.01 meta.

At first thought Slardar is perfect offlane hero. However Dota 2 pro teams love to experiment – they moved slardar into position 4 support/roamer role. He didn’t miss much, without lane linking he gain even more – he can fight most of enemy support in early lvls with help of his Guardian Sprint and make successful ganks with Smoke of Deceit

slardar in support role 7.01

On lvl 10 most of 4 position players prefer to increase Slardar’s Mana Pool since +6 helath regeneration doesn’t add much if you already have Tranquil Boots.
On lvl 15 pro players choose additional attack speed.
If match is going to be long, on lvl 20 Slardar position 4 players take +7 Additional Armor.

Speaking about items, even support Slardar can earn enough money to get his core items like Blink Dagger and Force Staff.

Vengeful Spirit carry is back?

Vengeful spirit as support is common thing in professional Dota 2 scene. She is good roaming hero with good disable skill, she can decrease enemy armor and give additional vision. Hes ult Nether Swap can save your core, initiate a fight or interrupt opponent’s channeling spells even if they have activated Black King Bar. And of course Venge’s Vengeance Aura that increase allies damage for 12%/20%/28%/36% can boost dps of your team significantly in any stage of the game.

venge carry is back dota 2 7.01

Professional Dota 2 players are already played Venge-core in past, but in most cases it wasn’t successful. However 7.00 update changed everything – Vengeful Spirit got Core-role talents – she can get damage, attack speed and stats – everything that core hero needs.

On lvl 10 players can increase attack speed for 25.
On lvl 15 Venge can get +8 to all stats.
Lvl 20 grants you +50 damage.
On lvl 25 you can increase % dmg of your Vengeance Aura on 20%.

Combine all talents – and you get one of the best carries in 7.01 Dota 2 patch.

You will never get up to 25 lvl as Venge-support, however for Venge-carry it shouldn’t be hard and teams like Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses already showed it to you. With Dragon Lance (Hurricane Pike), Manta Style, Black King Bar, Butterfly and Satanic in her inventory she can beat almost any other carry in the game.

Also Ace and Arteezy tried to build Helm of Dominator on Venge and dominate Alpha Wolf that gives you additional 30% damage. It worked well but its situational thing, since Helm of Dominator is more likely item for support players.

Ember Spirit and his new item build.

Ember Spirit was picked during pro matches, but he wasn’t so popular mid hero pre 7.01. Before 7.01 came, Ember was played in hit’n’run or Sleight-of-Fist+Chains and run manner and players were hoping for lucky crit that will crush enemy team. Daedalus, Battle Fury and Divine Rapier increased damage and chance of critical strike and were must have items on 6.89 Ember. But today, in 7.01 you will rarely find this type of Ember Spirits in your pubs.

Its all about talents. On lvl 10 you can take +15% Spell Amplification talent which has huge value, since Flame Guard (30/40/50/60 damage per second) and Searing Chains (80/120/240/300) huge benefits from it. Even in 6.89 Ember could make solo kills, but now he can do it two times easier. On lvl 20 you take 15% Cooldown Reduction talent and on lvl 20 – +2s Searing Chains and thats it – you become one of the most powerful MAGES in Dota 2.​

ember spirit new item build dota 2 patch 7.01

For sure with new talents you should change your item build. You can look at professional teams like OG, Evil Geniuses, Invictus Gaming or Team Secret. In their opinion, best item for new Ember – Veil of Discord. Some pro players choose Blink Dagger and Boots of Travel after it. Then you most likely should buy Mjollnir and Octarine Core as well if game goes late. Also you can try these items – Linken’s Sphere, Manta Style, Blade Mail and Lotus Orb.

Dota 7.00 patch made significant change to e-sports betting. During update, there were running few BO2 china tournaments and Starseries qualifiers and even huge underdogs managed to get at least one map from favorites since they were literally playing new game. Even biggest e-sports bookies didn’t fix their odds in the very first days of new patch. It was golden time to bet on underdogs win and +1.5 underdog handicap.

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The International 2016 Dota 2 Bets

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