EE-sama and RTZ made me happy again

They threw 6 games in a row yesterday so I can get 5.098 odds on them today against Liquid.
Anyway, Team Secret looked really strong in these 2 games, but liquid.. I hope Kuro won’t kick matumbaman before playoff starts xD ee sama and rtz team secret the international 6 Guess now I am crowned dota 2 bets guru since i hit 5 odds on dota 2 match! Anyway these odds on bo2 dota 2 games are nuts. But group stage is over – The International 2016 Dota 2 Championship continues on 8 August, hope my good run won’t stop.

Also I am sure that EGB will offer like 10k$+ maxbet limits on TI6 finals so I probably will place the biggest dota 2 bet ever very soon.

The International 2016 Dota 2 Bets

dota 2 the international betting blogCleaning 2×200$ bonuses just in one day LUL. Group stage is almost over, tired as fk but have a really good run. Dat juicy 6.3 odds on Digital Chaos, ty secret funnies! Really wtf team secret lost 6 games and won 0 in day 2?

Here is some of my dota money bets: the international 2016 dota 2 betsStill thinking who is dota 2 bets king?

Making almost every bet on EGB, rip d2l & csgl bots, rip skins betting? 🙁