Dota 2 betlord

And CS:GO goddamn loser-pleb. Yeah, thats me. Guess who made bet on NiP after winning lan?

dota 2 betlord

1.982 against chokestralis? Who the heck on earth could skip it..
That fake cumback on decider map 9-1 to 9-9… Whatever, Dota 2 Boston Major is coming.. Or should I test my luck today with optic/faze?

csgo optic won mousesports ELEAGUE

Poor Niko.. FeelsBadMan…

500$ Maxbet on Virtus pro against Faze so i guess i will skip it

When will CSGOlounge be back up?

They recently updates their TOS. It seems that they got a Costa Rica gambling license, so they will operate like real money betting bookie (it means like you will need to sumbit your real info, you must be 18+, they can ask for verification docs, you can have only 1 acc etc.).

Also as far as I understand it – you will be able to deposit skins to CSGOlounge and it will be converted into the coins -> you place bets, win coins -> trade your coins in CSGOlounge shop back for skins

But when CSGOlounge will work again? Probably very soon. Few days ago they added fee for bets (they had 0% fee during testing coin thing)

when csgolounge will work again

So as you can see this match has 1.36 odds against 3.41 odds, which means that fee is around 2.84%. If you want to know how did I get 2.84%, you can read my article with fee calculations – How to calculate margin of your bookie?

Is 2.84% fee good? Pretty much yes, if you compare it to 7% on EGB or 9% on Fanobet. However I am pretty sure it’s not final percentages of CSGOlounge fee. Member good old times when CSGOlounge had <1% cut? And increased it more than 5 (!) times few months before Valve letters?

Just me trying to comback

Dota 2 comeback esportsbetting

My red wall started with NRG CS:GO and Sumail Dota 2 throws, but thank god Aussie Gods didn’t let me down today.dreamhack csgo renegades kinguin

Anyway its like preparation to Boston Dota 2 Major. The biggest bets I will make there. Group Stage gonna start on 3 of December and there won’t be a double elimination system anymore, which means no random bo2 games with draw option on EGB => more profit I guess.

Also dota 2 live bets on International didn’t go good, so I probably will bet only pre match this time. I would do some predictions as well and post some of my white bets.

Stay tuned & let’s clean EGB together!