EGB added Christmas gifts. Ho-ho-ho!

When you wager 50$ you will get one EGB gift, but you can’t open it by yourself – you need to swap it with someone in chat first. Or just send it to your friend 🙂

egb christmas gifts

You can get up to 3 gifts for one match

If you open gift – you can find things like:

– 10-1000 points;
– 1$ or 2$ real money;
– 10$ or 20$ egb bonus*;
– some csgo skins with 1$-15$ value.

*Bonus that you get in the gift will be added to your two active bonuses, so you can have 3 active bonus at the time during this promo.

egamingbets gifts

Dota 2 Boston Major Bets. Final matches

The Boston Major Dota 2 Predictions

What a great day to all in!

dota 2 big bets boston major

UPD. EG lost 0-2 🙁 So disappointed. Such terrible performance from EG right after perfect game against VP yesterday. And suddenly notail can farm, ana is winning mid, and s4 never fails. I am so confused actually. Thinking about skipping remaining boston major matches.

UPD2. Still couldn’t resist these odds on OG against AD Finem in finals. Maxbet on EGB was 15k but I poosy outed this time.
dota 2 boston major final bet

In the end with all bonuses and such a perfect start I finished with sad -4,000$ result for this underdog major.  Pretty much worst esports event for me so far. This EG match really let me down.

biggest bet on dota 2

Dota 2 Big Bets. Boston Major – Day 4

The Boston Major Dota 2 Predictions

Time to win some money back from EGB.

Already made a bet on last match of the day LGD against LGD.Forever Young

dota 2 big bets boston major

Thinking now about bet on Digital Chaos win against Faceless, but odds are so low.. Its 1.255 for DC on EGB right now. If odds will hit at least 1.3 I will maxbet it for sure (On EGB you get points for your bets only if you place bets on >1.3 odds, so maxbetting on 1.299 or 1.3 on EGB actually matters a LOT)

I will update post with Ehome – Team NP and Newbee Ad Finem predictions after first match of day 4.

UPD1. Made a very risky bet on Faceless -1 (Faceless won’t win 1 map). I hope they don’t have pocket strats! dota 2 biggest bets

UPD2. Well, Team Faceless looked so clueless in what they doing in this game, so my faceless -1 bet on 1.989 was really good in the end.

Alright – next boston major match.

Team NP against Ehome.
Not sure what should I take – Team NP win for 2.1 odds or more safer one – Team NP will win at least one map for 1.37. I will wait a bit more to see how odds gonna change, will update post with my bet/skip right before game starts. If you see on some bookie Team NP win for >2.25 or Team NP will win one map for >1.4 – take it.

Last minute bet NP+1 or Team NP will win at least one map:

dota 2 big bets boston major

UPD3. Got it. Team NP – Ehome 1-1 at the moment. Probably will make some live bets on Team NP map3, will see. Finally not 2-0 game.

Was thinking about betting AF +1 at 1.9 odds but decided to skip.

UPD4. Haha, RIP LGD. Won two risky bets and lost the most safest one. Yeah, LGD lost to their second team LGD.FY with 2 standins 0-2.

xia8 lgd major boston dota 2

Damn you xia8..