They talk about my one taps. My biggest win in skins.

My biggest skins winnings on one match (+4869$ csgo skins value +15$ cashback LUL).
Poossy outed to place maxbet on 4 odds, so put just 800 value. Told to my hommie about bet, he told that G2 is 100% safe Keepo so i added 700 more. Sent him few sand dunes after match end #BeThankfull #EzskinsEzlife

Biggest csgo skins winnings

UPD: Not the biggest anymore – Thanks fnatic for 10,000$ value Thats how you get cs go skins!

GRAND Opening of my BRAND NEW Esports Betting Blog

HeyGuys. I am highroller whos betting on esport matches for 2 years, mostly CS:GO, but trying to get into Dota2 nowadays as well.. Actually I am losing all my CS:GO profit in Dota2 bets, but hey, it will change soonCSGO Skins betting
Here I will post my biggest daily wins, cry about biggest throws and share some esports betting tips and info. Win bugatti or get cleaned!