My lovely baguettes

Finally made me some skins on Fanobet #BOTdemon
Also EGB Dota2 betting went good for me today, just look at this shiet..
Bet your csgo and dota 2 skinsHope this green wall will stay long enough..

UPD. Nvm, went nuts and made dota2 bet on tomorrow Liquid – Na’vi match #cleaned #RoadToBegging

Dota 2 live betting is easy they said 4Head

Huehuehue was killing time on EGB dota 2 live betting before CS:GO ELEAGUE matches, should kill myself LUL #CleanedAgain #AllianceIsBlack #NeverAgain #SrslySTAHP

God bless admin for only 50$ maxbet on Live dota 2Dota 2 live betting on EGB