Fun fact. My biggest lost bet.

That huge Newbee bet wasn’t the biggest loss on one match i ever had. However my biggest loss was still on Newbee on Epicenter Dota2 cup Finals. And yeah, they were leading 2-0 in bo5 series and lost 2-3 in the end. Biggest bet that i lost on dota 2

UPD. Now my favorite team is Team Liquid!

The biggest bet on esports

Going nuts with Dota 2 betting

Got few easy bets today – Gambit will win 12 round (+12 handicap on EGB) against EnvyUs and TyLoo against Immortals (ex Tempo Storm).

But who careas about CSGO lmao, when.. Really, time to change blog name to My Dota2 Betting Journey or smth.. This huge Dota2 EGB bet limits drives me crazy, I just can’t skip it (Their CS:GO maxbet limit usually is 200$-500$ per match overall).

And now check this Dota2 one – went big on Newbee against Liquid. Easiest all-in of my life? #NewbeeTakeMyEnergy

Manila Major Dota2 Newbee Bet