Dota 2 betting continues. Friends won EG 2-1

So I can bet on Fnatic -1.5 handicap against Friends on 2.75 odds
dota 2 bet kingActually thats so funny how odds are going crazy after one, just one lucky win. Same thing was on ESL CS:GO matches when teams were playing 2 maps, you just wait when favorite lose first map and then go all in on map 2 with almost 2x bigger odds.

Its unbelievable how much “dumb” money are placed on esports matches – all you need to do is hunt these crazy odds shifts and look how free bugattis are falling down into your hands.

NoKappa at all.

Na’Vi rekt EG 2-0 in 40 mins yesterday

navi beat eg 2 0 sltv season 2

So I can get 2.06 odds on Team Secret against them today HUEHUEHUE

secret navi dota 2 2016

Also grabbed 1.971 on Real Money Betting site

team secret egb bet

I can trust EE-sama again :3
Or not. Will see tomorrow!