Olof is back guys

Guess what team is most overrated in CS:GO? LuL
CS:GO Betting guru is back and will show you how to make some profit

csgo skins fnatic

Looks great but yeah.. lost about 700$ on f3 against navi and 900$ on Optic on csgl.. Also lost 800$ on Live Bets (made four – lost all) and everything was looking so grim today. Every favorite wins, no upsets at all, what a boring start of CS:GO Major..

And then comes this last match – Fnatic against Faze. Olof is back they said, and here I am – packing around 6,000$ skins value of fnatic fans, finishing this day with sweet +3500$ profit

2 thoughts on “Olof is back guys

  1. you lucky cnt fnatic threw last round omg you should be cleaned now idiot

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