They talk about my one taps. My biggest win in skins.

My biggest skins winnings on one match (+4869$ csgo skins value +15$ cashback LUL).
Poossy outed to place maxbet on 4 odds, so put just 800 value. Told to my hommie about bet, he told that G2 is 100% safe Keepo so i added 700 more. Sent him few sand dunes after match end #BeThankfull #EzskinsEzlife

Biggest csgo skins winnings

UPD: Not the biggest anymore – Thanks fnatic for 10,000$ value Thats how you get cs go skins!

8 thoughts on “They talk about my one taps. My biggest win in skins.

  1. Wow thats awesome! Do you place express bets? You can win huge on your stakes

  2. Nope, express/parlays/combo bets are not profitable in long run. There are rare exceptions cus of bookie mistakes tho. I will probly make a post about express bets later

  3. I hate when people are spamming their huge odds winning expresses on egb chat and when i am trying to do express the last team always throws..

  4. Are you the biggest esports bettor? I can’t believe someone betting so high on esports

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