Hunting EGB gifts and still betting on [A] in 2016.

And thats it. My last week betting list on EGB:
hunting new year gifts on egb esports

E-sports betting is literally dying during Christmas Holidays, so my gambling nature is forcing me to make random bets on tier3 te[A]ms.

Betting now with 50$ parts to get more gifts.. yeah I am just mad about it. Still most of the time getting points, even thinking about is there any limit in egb gifts for bonuses/money. I mean I literally got just:

*one 1$ gift
*one 2$ gift
*one $3 value dota2 skin gift
*one 10$ bonus gift
*and like 89790875 gifts with points inside

Wtf? Or is it just my luck? RIGGGGGGEDDD!!!@!@@!
egb gifts new years promotion

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