Dota 2 Boston Major Predictions

The Boston Major Dota 2 Predictions

Starting dota 2 boston major bets blog!

And here comes my first egamingbets predictions:

Virtus Pro against NP – NP-1 or Team NP won’t win 1 map.
Newbee against MVP Phoenix – Newbee win overall 2-1 or 2-0


No reason to take VP win overall bet for 1.23, so I took the risky one NP-1.

UPD. Awesome start!

dota 2 boston major betlord

Waiting for Virtus Pro vs Newbee odds now.

UPD2. Placed some big bet on Virtus Pro, they look really strong

virtus pro against newbee boston major dota 2 betlord

UPD3. WOW, just wow, VP are monsters of dota 2 right now, awesome comeback on map 2, brilliant rax trading decision by them

virtus pro boston major won 2 0 newbee

Thinking now about wings > lgd, but not sure about NP vs MVP phoenix match, probably skip

UPD4. Skipped both. Not sure if wings are still in troll mood or not to get ‘juicy’ 1.3 odds on them. Will place some big dota 2 bets tomorrow..

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