Csgolounge increased items limit per match

Cool, now you can bet up to 6 items like on dotalounge since 2005, so maxbet nowadays is 750 value per acc. Good job lounge, but who cares if you have this scam cut now like you are 3rd world bookie?
CSGL increased their cut

3 thoughts on “Csgolounge increased items limit per match

  1. I do sometimes, like 5% of my bets.

    It is a big deal, csgl increased cut from 0.5% to 3%. I mean they take 6x more fee from every bet you make like they used to take.

    Fun fact is that csgl lounge cut is still one of the lowest in esports betting (yeah, seems i was a bit mad when making post). But if you take in mind non fixed odds, trash rewards if you not maxbettin, consistant bot problems, no bonuses, no support and every problem that betting exchange system has – csgl becomes one of the worst place to make bets.

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