CS:GO Betting. ESL Cologne day 5

ESL ONE cologne 2016 betting advices
Virtus Pro vs SK gaming

Skipped prematch bets on this match, but seems like Virtus Pro golden rule is working just fine (bet on VP when they are underdogs, bet against VP when they are favorites). Will bet live if there would be map 3
csgo virtus pro golden rule what

UPD. Such intense map 1 omg, 19-17 for VP in overtime. And now they will play VP pick – Nuke. EGB current odds are 1.58 on SK against 2.194 on VP map 2 hmmm..

UPD2. Lul, got 2.369, 100% worth
virtus pro esl cologno csgo betting

UPD3. GG can’t watch it, pascha BOTceps is robbing me! 🙁 VP lost map 2

UPD4. SK won VP 2-1, Rip golden rule fangays. Made 435$ skins value on map 3 live bets.

Fnatic vs Liquid

Made a fnatic 2500$ skins bet on CSGL. Am I safe, Olof?
olof is back csgo

Liquid 1-0, Olof don’t you dare…

UPD5. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!11 Liquid actually won fnatic 2-0!!! S1mple and Pasha cleaned me. That sick double noscope from s1mple..

Lets see odds on finals and try to comeback tomorrow 🙁 EGB maxbets should be huge.

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