CS:GO Major, Day 2. Live updates

csgo major atlanta 2017

Managed to catch 2.501 for HR on EGB. Risky bet, but hey… just playing the odds.eleague major day 2 groups mousesports


Rip 500$? Damn cache, damn chrisJ with his 1 HP. Comeback was real ๐Ÿ™

Will bet on NaVi next game if would get 1.4 odds+

Update 2

Didn’t get 1.4 odds on Navi, I hope some of you did. Placed my 5$ free bet on Drakelounge on SK, easy 2.85$ in skins 4Head. Their site is lagging so hard during Major lol. Anyway they are online just for.. 2 days? Week? I hope they will fix it soon, miss skins betting so much ๐Ÿ™

If someone interested why I don’t like to bet skins on vpgame – thats what you get when you bet few knives, and you can’t do anything about it:

vpgame cs go skins betting

Will skip Liquid and F3 match too, F3 odds went so low after map revealed, not worth to risk anymore.

Next matches are pretty interesting tho, will do some math & research and post my bets a bit later.

Also trying to get partnership with some e-wallet cashback company. Soon I will explain to you how to get at least 0.5% cashback for every deposit you make to any e-sports bookie, so you can win some money even before you place your very first bet.

Update 3

I guess I will test my luck with North at 1.6 today

eleague major north csgo

Update 4

I think I wasted all my luck yesterday :S Will skip Astralis vs OpTic and go for Gambit against Godsent

gambit eleague major csgo

Update 5

VP and Gambit are saving my day!

eleague csgo major vp nuke

Dotapit LAN Finals & CS:GO Major

Here it is, BETLORD dota bo1 game prediction in DELAY PIT with broken PC’s

Few hours until CS:GO Major :S


Woaah, they managed to throw it.. RIP me, time to delete this post

Update 2

Hell yeah, brought it back with cherry on top! #Feelsgoodman

faceless dota pit bo1

Update 3

Another one! And another one! (c)

dotapit dota 2 preditctions

Update 4

Going with EG in Dotapit finals!

dota 2 betlord predictions dotapit bet god

Update 5

I hope I won’t regret this bet..

eleague major csgo navi mouz

Update 6. Summary

Awesome profit for today, Faceless – one love, but yeah, FINALLY Dotapit is OVER, damn bo5 final was played for 8 hours lul dotapit champions eg season 2