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Testing Overwatch bets online on EGB.

I was a bit wrong when said that you can bet on 3-4+ odds on Overwatch and get easy money. When a team gets these kind of odds usually they really really suck.

However, looking on stats that I gained on past Overwatch matches – betting on like 2.1-2.6 still can be a good idea

For ex NG Red crushed 3-1 Team Rogue and odds were 1.4 on Team Rogue and 2.6 on NG red

bet on overwatch

There were 49 Overwatch matches on EGB when one team has 2.1-2.6 odds (2.44 average) and they won 22 times (44.8%). So basically if you put 100$ on every Overwatch match with 2.1-2.6 odds till today, you could get average 9.55$ profit for every game plus 4.72$ cashback.

Thats actually HUGE value that you WON’T GET in any other esports matches.

how to bet on overwatch

Of course its just 49 matches on pretty much new esport game. But if you want to make money on Overwatch betting – perfect time is right now!

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  1. Lmao won on Reunited again Misfits today – free 2.59 odds 😀 Ez 3-1, ez overwatch betting

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